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  • Bill to crack down on IUU fishing goes to White House

    first_imgCongress has passed a bill to combat pirate fishing.The bill, called the “Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing Enforcement Act” now goes to the president of his signature. It puts in law the provisions of an international treaty aimed at denying illegal fishing vessels access to a country’s ports. The bill was sponsored by all members of the Alaska delegation and supported by Alaska’s fishing industry.“These significant efforts will help defeat the growing number of criminals stealing our resources and harming our local economies,” said Alaska Congressman Don Young, in a written statement.The bill’s passage was also cheered by conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund.“Illegal fish are caught in a very widespread ocean, and they have to come into port somewhere,” says WWF’s vice president for ocean policy, Michele Kuruc. “So this is trying to be a cost-effective way to catch them when they come into port.”The bill passed both houses of congress without opposition.last_img read more

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