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  • Real Madrid-Sevilla The blessing is Casemiro

    first_imgIt was the afternoon of Casemiro, the tribute to a footballer that coaches hug more than the headlines, the industrial estate that allows a Bolshoi around it to be sustainable. He knocked down Sevilla as a guard nine in a close game between two teams that produce little above. Too it was a VAR afternoon, which got in the way when nobody called him to cancel a goal against Sevilla and then covered himself to grant another after Munir’s previous hand.Ten titles and an almost supernatural condition (fallen from the sky, according to Florentino Pérez’s revelation) offer Zidane a license for everything, including put a bizarre attack with Lucas Vázquez, Jovic and Rodrygo. A trident full of messages. The first is that Benzema arrived at the miracle match. The second, that Vinicius travels as a squad, seen unfairly. The third, that Bale is in the last. Leaving it in the stands on an afternoon of so many straits sounded like throwing the towel with a player who has been losing attributes rapidly: he started for health, followed by appearances and ended up with the goal, his nail burning. The punch and expectations are gone.That eleven took off the middle of the field, the only truly classic of the lineup, and there he wanted to strain Lopetegui Sevilla, by adding a second means of containment, Gudelj, to give even more flight to its sides, Navas and Reguilón, the most active of the championship, and greater freedom to Banega, the hand that rocks this cradle.The Madrid accused the lack of vital organs: Ramos, at the exit of the ball; Valverde, whose absences are already perceived as energy crises; Benzema, without which he loses associative property; Hazard, his touch of distinction. Everything was extremely expensive for Madrid, which won the bet of the ball and lost that of the depth. Lucas Vázquez seems to have lost his extreme powers, Rodrygo starts much more than he ends and with Jovic insistence therapy doesn’t work with which Zidane tries to return him to the surface. Everything that Madrid undertook before the break died on the edge of the area.Back, however, even without Ramos or Mendy, remains intact. He protected the bands well and allowed Sevilla little, which in half an hour of play saw how the VAR ran to the aid of Madrid to cancel a goal to De Jong, with a spectacular header to the corner kick taken by Banega. The Dutchman saw himself favored by a basketball blockade with a slight movement from Gudelj to Militao, a semi-personal pivot almost in the small area. A play of grays that fell outside the limits of video arbitration at the beginning. Today that border is very blurred and, therefore, the complaints of Seville are more than justified. The feeling that remains is that Militao wanted to cross a wall and that it was necessary to go to the microscope to discover the infraction. ChangesBenzema (61 ‘, Jovic), Vinicius Junior (61 ‘, Rodrygo), Youssef En-Nesyri (65 ‘, Munir), Ferland Mendy (70 ‘, Marcelo), Óliver Torres (74 ‘, Franco Vázquez), Marcos Lopes (79 ‘, Banega) Goals1-0, 56 ‘: Casemiro, 1-1, 63 ‘: Luuk de Jong, 2-1, 68 ‘: Casemiro Then, the game had already changed hands because Madrid was lost in that heavy industry led by Fernando. The white trident was ghost, without overflow, without arrival, without spark. And nothing came from the bands either, because Carvajal was inaccurate and because Marcelo has lost bells. Only Modric held the team flag.Casemiro changes everythingAnd at the worst moment, Madrid found an almost unusual goal. Jovic, heel, in his only notable action, put Casemiro ahead, which he defined with the finesse of a nine, saving Vaclik’s exit with a chopped touch. For the first time since he was a widower of Cristiano, Madrid feels that the midfielders are for the cause. The match seemed downhill for Madrid, especially with the arrival of reinforcements (Benzema and Vinicius), but Sevilla immediately tied with another court play: De Jong applied a great left-footed shot taking advantage of the fact that Munir had killed his ball from the ground with his elbow. An involuntary hand but, for being played goal, clearly punishable. It was the parenthesis on the afternoon of glory of Casemiro, the guard nine. There, in the field of the best Christian, he applied a header at the center measured by Lucas Vázquez, who again put Madrid ahead. It was the first double in the career of a diamond football player for all who have trained him. The good is not always beautiful.Sevilla then recalculated the route, packed the team in a 3-5-2 and lent itself to a more open match, the perfect habitat for Vinicius, now several steps above its competitors except for Zidane. He cheered the end of a match that Casemiro will keep in the memory because he is also a blessing from heaven. CardsReferee: Juan Martínez MunueraVAR Referee: César Soto GradoModric (36 ‘, Yellow) Banega (53 ‘, Yellow) Carvajal (86 ‘, Yellow) Casemiro (87 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more

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