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  • Glass skateboards are the worst idea in the history of skateboarding

    first_imgMy one and only attempt at using a skateboard ended in some impressive bruises. I had no desire to return to the ramps after that. Your body is going to suffer regularly if you get serious about skateboarding because falls are part of the process of getting better, and even professionals regularly crash and burn.It’s not just your body that takes a beating, though. The board you ride has to be very strong. If you’re doing tricks it has to repeatedly take the full weight of your body landing on it, as well as handling repeated landing on hard surfaces and of course grinding along metal poles. This is why skateboards are constructed from wood. More specifically, maplewood complimented by a polyurethane coating to create a very durable board.But what would happen if you made a skateboard out of glass? Glass manufacturing has improved a lot over the years. The construction industry requires very strong glass for use in skyscrapers, and smartphones and tablets need glass that won’t crack or scratch. But that doesn’t mean it can handle being used as a skateboard.Skateboarding YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding decided to stop asking the question and instead answered it. They had a glass skateboard specially made and attempted to ride it at a skate park. Things didn’t end well.The glass board was made on request by Skate Trucks company Avenue Trucks. It doesn’t look to have been hardened or reinforced in any way, which surely would have helped. However, whether you can construct a glass skateboard that could be relied upon is doubtful, and the risks involved in it smashing mean it’s really not worth even attempting (again). Glass is also heavy, so even if they did get the strength it’s always going to be inferior to a wood skateboard.Still, it certainly looked nice for the short time it wasn’t in pieces…last_img read more

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