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  • Morphology and chemical composition of a natural population of an ice-associated Antarctic diatom Navicula glacei

    first_imgDuring winter (1973), a very pure natural population of the diatom Navicula glaciei Van Heurck occurred in dense concentrations (up to 244 mg·m−2 chlorophyll a) in the sea ice at Signy Island, South Orkneys, Antarctica. Samples of algal material were collected for subsequent chemical analysis. The diatom had a composition of 33.77% ash, 21.81% lipid, 25.38% crude, protein, 19.04% crude carbohydrate and an intact calorific value of 15.384 KJ·g−1. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus formed 34, 5.3, 4.1 and 0.52% dry wt respectively. The material was analysed for the trace elements Na, K, Fe, Ca, Mg, Al, Zn, Cu, Pb, Mn, 137Cs. Fatty acid composition was dominated by 16:0 palmitic acid (20.46%), 16:1 palmitoleic acid (32.86%), and 20:5 docosahexaenoic acid (19.33%). To supplement a very scanty original description, a full taxonomic description is given in the text.last_img read more

  • Mexico and Colombia Reaffirm Their Skills at Sea

    first_imgBy Myriam Ortega Torres/Diálogo September 06, 2017 Three Colombian ships, one aircraft, and several rapid response units met in Málaga Bay to carry out Operation Pacífico III. The Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet led the training with the participation of the Mexican Navy ship ARM Zapoteco. “You have to make tactical formations,” Rear Admiral Luis Hernán Espejo Segura, the commander of the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, told Diálogo. “You have to remain within the stations on the maneuvering board assigned to you for exercises in which the ships have to navigate skillfully under various orders that are announced by the person commanding the task group.” During the early July exercise, participants practiced maneuvers for weighing anchor, interdiction tactics, navigation in restricted waters, and naval weaponry firing. These complex duties require high levels of coordination and maneuvering, especially considering that the ships exceed 1,000 tons. Common threats and shared opportunities Operation Pacífico III is an international exercise led by the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet for the purposes of improving monitoring and security at sea, standardizing procedures, and facilitating combined operations with the navies of other nations with interests in the Pacific. The exercise was held for the first time with Panama April 24th to 28th, the second time with Ecuador May 16th to 17th, and this third time with Mexico. Operation Pacífico has prioritized holding these exercises to develop skills directed at tackling real-world challenges. “The struggle against transnational crime, security aspects of human life at sea, and aspects of conserving the environment [are] shared objectives that our nations have in the face of common threats but also shared opportunities,” Rear Adm. Espejo said. In this respect, Mexico is a very important country in the fight against drug trafficking. Large amounts of drugs leave countries such as Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, and pass through Mexico before arriving at their final destination in the United States. That is why it was timely to have a Mexican ship in the operation. Mexican participation “At this time every year, cadets from the Mexican Naval Academy set out on various Navy ships,” Mexican Navy Rear Admiral Cecilio Olvera Malagón, the naval attaché in Colombia, told Diálogo. “They conduct instructional cruises that allow the cadets to train and practice what they learned in the classroom.” That is how the presence of the ARM Zapoteco in Colombian waters was leveraged to carry out one phase of the operation. “The ships have different flags, but they have to be sure of their ability to operate via mutual agreement under the coordination of a defined command,” Rear Adm. Espejo told Diálogo. “To be safe operating at sea, we need a common language.” “Initially, the training trip aboard the ARM Zapoteco included just a formal visit to Málaga Naval Base,” Rear Adm. Olvera added. “However, through Rear Adm. Espejo’s initiative, it was proposed that we conduct exercises at the end of the visit.” The crew of the ARM Zapoteco comprises 217 members, among them, 190 cadets. “It was very enriching for the cadets to have this opportunity to take part in exercises held on ships belonging to the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet,” Rear Adm. Olvera noted. Common interests Operation Pacífico will continue to be held annually. That is why there are plans to boost the results of the exercises already held with Ecuador and Panama, nations with which Colombia shares land and sea borders that are patrolled by the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, whose jurisdiction covers 1,320 kilometers of coastline and 339,500 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean. Together with other nations that make up the Pacific Rim, Colombia is doing its part for the common interests of the region. “As a nation, we make up part of the Pacific Rim. Everything aimed at strengthening our relations and our capacities to work together at sea guarantees and preserves a key activity for our nations, such as international commerce with secure lines of communication, which is one of the responsibilities of navies throughout the world,” Rear Adm. Espejo concluded.last_img read more

  • Explain how private message was shared

    first_imgCongress is currently focused on Facebook and the accessibility of private data. As long as we’re on the subject, can anyone tell me why I’m getting an ad for Pfaltzgraff dinnerware on my Channel WTEN news app, when it just so happens that I sent Pfaltzgraff a private email recently? Much like Jethro Gibbs on the TV show, NCIS, I don’t believe in coincidences. It would seem that both RoadRunner/Spectrum and Channel 10 should issue a public explanation. Or do we need a congressional investigation?Virginia NewtonBurnt HillsMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

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