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  • Ports North’s Port Master Planning Project Moves Forward

    first_imgPorts North’s Port Master Planning Project has taken an important step forward with the appointment of GHD Advisory to undertake a detailed technical plan that will map out options for developing the Ports of Cairns and the Port of Mourilyan over a 30-year timeframe.Commenting the latest news, Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, said that the master planning process was fundamental to ensuring Queensland’s ports had a long-term vision for growth and expansion while protecting the environment.“This process will present a pathway for the ports to grow in a way that respects their place alongside the reef and the environmental values shared by the communities in which they are located,” Mr Bailey said.“Queensland’s publicly-owned ports are a critical part of the state’s supply chain and must be supported with a plan that will allow them to grow and increase trade capacity in step with our growing economy.”Development of the plans will be tailored to each port but will include a range of considerations such as:trade demand, forecasting and feasibility analysis – including reef fleet, marinas, cruise, project cargo, bulk cargo, bulk storage, marine maintenance, navy, fishing, break bulk, containers;cargo diversity and emerging opportunities;infrastructure condition, capacity and utilization;maintenance and capital dredging requirements;future land utilization and allocations.Drafts of the master plans for Cairns and Mourilyan are expected in 2020.last_img read more

  • Barcelona beware: Neymar is a player set up for a monumental fall

    first_imgIt is official: Neymar is a Barcelona player. The saga to end all sagas has reached its conclusion, and despite an attempt from Real Madrid to usurp their rivals, Camp Nou will next season feature both Lionel Messi and this floppy-haired 21-year-old in an undeniably tantalising teaming of talent.As the 2012-13 season draws to a close, Barca, despite their fourth La Liga title in five years, are a subdued organisation. The clinical, methodical dismantling at the hands of Bayern, coupled with their own insipid capitulation, once again raised the question of Messidependecia. Without him this immortal team appear fallible. Without their god-like genius, they are ponderous. Susceptible. Beatable. Paris Saint-Germain almost seized upon it. Bayern relentlessly exploited it.Messi IS Barca, some believe. Pedro, Villa, Tello, Alexis – they aren’t offering enough, say others. Now, the cockatoo in the room becomes apparent; Neymar can provide that which is lacking when Messi is unable to deliver.Barcelona’s agent in South America, Andre Cury, is a fully paid-up member of the Neymar appreciation society.“Neymar coming to Barcelona will put an end to two types of over-dependence: dependence on Neymar at Santos and over-dependence on Messi at Barcelona as we would then have another player at his level.”Much of the Barca baiting is, of course, kneejerk and overblown. Yes, the degree of dependecia can on occasion be apparent to all. But does bringing in a player such as Neymar, and the package that travels with him, positively impact that? Whether it is healthy or not, the established order is understood by almost all. Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique have said as much; Messi is the man they turn to, the MVP who must be protected, indulged, even – like an NFL quarterback.And he’s earned their obsequiousness. 310 goals, three Champions Leagues, four Ballon d’Ors. His team-mates recognise he is better than them. It’s taken years of proving this on a consistent basis to bring us to this point, the Messidependecia that is almost accepted practice.The current pyramid of power sees Messi placed as close to the pinnacle as it’s possible to be; Tito Vilanova and Sandro Rosell are, and probably should be, bound by the needs and wants of the man who has made the modern incarnation of the club the fantasy of even the most emphatic Cule.Neymar changes all that. Leaving aside the fundamental flaw in regarding a player who, with the greatest of respect, has produced fleeting moments of brilliance against a level of opposition that falls considerably short of the European standard, in the same breath as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or even Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is completely ludicrous.Leaving aside everything about him as a player; how his selfishness in possession, his wastefulness in pursuit of self rather than team dynamic, is the antithesis of everything that Barcelona are, and will look to retain. Leaving aside this extrapolated transfer saga, creating a sense of wonderment and unfair anticipation as to what he can conceivably achieve.Barcelona’s apprehension should be primarily concerned with the fact that Neymar is a sponsored behemoth. He represents Football 2.0; a box office hit, created in advance of his achievements. An ‘A’ list film star purely based on the trailer alone.The seemingly innumerable parties with a vested interest in Neymar make him a sideshow act, one that juggled on the wing to lure the highest bidder. Neymar’s playing time becomes as much about endorsements and screentime as it does with his compatibility with Messi or the Barca philosophy. Hell, Madrid offered him more money, but Nike ramped up the endorsements.Andre Cury further escalates the optimism. “Messi will be able to pass on the baton to Neymar, just like Ronaldinho did with Messi.”Such high praise seems incompatible with how a young, burgeoning star – and let’s face it, that is all Neymar is, at just 21 – should be managed when moving from South America to Europe. Players generally switching continents for superstardom are coddled, but ultimately protected from reaching a scenario where their reputation precedes them. Few make the grade, even less can handle the pressure. Barca have been burned before. Yet in Neymar’s case, the opposite seems to be true. There is a crushing ambition to have the Brazilian mentioned in the same breath as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. If ever a player has been set up for a monumental fall, it is poor Neymar – stuck in a faux-environment where, in the minds of many, he is already a better player than he is ever likely to become.last_img read more

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