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  • Google introduces the Google Bar

    first_imgIf you use Google services such as Gmail or Google Docs, you can’t have failed to notice some major redesigns happening over the past few months. The last update saw Gmail get a brand new look, which not everyone liked due to the increased use of white space.Now Google has decided to roll out another significant design change called the Google Bar that will span all its services.Until now we’ve been used to a Google navigation bar that sees the most popular services printed as links across the top of a Google service web page. If you wanted to access something else within the Google product range, you clicked the “More” option and a drop down of other services appeared. With the Google Bar that layout disappears.Instead of a list of links that is always visible, all you do now is mouse over the Google logo and a drop down menu appears instead. It still lists the most popular services, and still has a More option, but is now hidden from view until required. This has allowed Google to put the search box alongside the logo rather than below the old navigation bar saving some screen real estate.Ultimately the change has very little impact on the way you use your Google services, unlike previous design updates which took a bit of getting used to. Unfortunately, you won’t get the benefit of the additional screen space immediately as Google has decided to advertise the new bar by adding another black bar above it welcoming you to the new layout. At the time of writing there is no way to manually remove the bar, but I’m hoping it just disappears before the day is over.via The Official Google Bloglast_img read more

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