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  • 2 students vying for UGSS presidency

    first_imgWith elections imminent, two students have intensified their campaigns for the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) presidency.Current President Ron Glasgow and International Relations (IR) student Brian Smith are the only two candidates in the presidential race.A third student was campaigning for the position but due to unanticipated difficulties, he fell out of the race.Both candidates are hoping for the opportunity to transform their vision for the improvement of the campus experience into a reality so that all 8000-plus students can boast of having an all-encompassing college life.Glasgow, who took up the seat following the departure of UGSS President Joshua Griffith, is hoping for a second term in office to continue the work he commenced.Ron GlasgowBrian SmithThis Economics student is confident he has what it takes to improve the student experience with his comprehensive action plan. His objectives are to boost club creation, to stimulate club activity, to form Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with other universities, to improve sporting and recreational facilities, among others.“I am contesting again because I want to continue what I left off and expand upon what I have already done. This may sound clichéd but I want to bring the University of Guyana back to life. The institution is dead and there is so much that needs to be done to bring it back to life,” Glasgow expressed, noting that his plan will definitely enhance the college experience by empowering students.He explained that there are not enough clubs available on campus; only 14 clubs with a student population of over 8000.“It’s pretty insignificant and out of the 14 clubs, only six are active,” he pointed out.Presidential hopeful Glasgow said he will push for the creation of more clubs as well as the stimulation of existing clubs: “We need places where students can go and express themselves, express their hobbies,” he stated, noting that there is more to the college experience than just academics.Glasgow noted too that MoUs with other universities will provide a lot of benefits for the student population such as foreign exchange programmes, research and intercampus association and development.He also hopes to continue the improvement of existing sporting facilities since the current structures are too substandard and are far from encouraging the involvement in on-campus sporting activities.Glasgow also wants to construct a recreational centre which will be a hub for students to go have fun playing games and being social.Having a firsthand knowledge of the structure of UGSS and the experience of managing the affairs of the student body, Glasgow is confident he is the best person to continue the work of improving the facilities on campus.Meanwhile, his competition decided to join the race after growing disgruntled with the setbacks in several projects which could have significantly improved college experience.“I am running for the UGSS presidency essential because primarily my decision to run came as a result of having been a faculty rep in 2014 and projects which we lobbied hard for, projects which we had essentially not completed, done the groundwork for and left the final stages in the hand of next administration, were left unattended to. Since they were left unattended to, that prompted my decision to join the race of presidency for UGSS,” he explained.Smith’s campaign is focused on three pillars: sport and recreational development, student relations, and financial accountability.Expanding on these initiatives, he expressed utmost dissatisfaction with the lack of interest placed on sports and recreational development on campus: “Sport is almost nonexistent on campus,” he lamented, pointing out that there has been no bulletin about the yearly sport activities since the semester begun.Consequently, the first item on his agenda would be to raise the standard of sport on campus. He noted that the ground at UG is vast and has the potential to generate its own revenue so as to ensure proper maintenance.This presidential aspirant noted too that the student/administrative relations are poor and need major improvements. Smith said strident steps must be taken to eliminate the royal runaround students endure to get a simple matter looked after and he intends to lead this cause. He intends to ensure students are empowered by making sure they are fully aware of the various services they are entitled to and the process by which they can utilise them.Additionally, Smith has promised full disclosure on the spending of students’ monies.He emphasised that there needs to be more accountability when it comes to the budgeting and spending of the fees students pay to gain their education.“Students want to know how their monies are being spent…students haven’t been kept abreast with what has been done with this money, and I wanna keep the student population informed,” he pledged. UGSS Elections will be held on September 28.last_img read more

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