Month: July 2017

  • Peng Yucheng please don’t regard the PR value as God

    update from October 30th Google PR over the past few days, Peng Yucheng webmaster in each big Adsense BBS, net webmaster QQ group have heard two voices: my new PR value from 0 to 4, the PR value from 5 to 4 and similar sound, which contains a excitement another is the lost voice. Peng Yucheng can not help but ask you webmaster friends, PR value is really so God,


    let’s first look at the value of PR is what, why there are so many webmaster PR values do? Peng Yucheng according to a lot of friends in a forum or other platform questions summed up the role of PR 3, we welcome the added. read more

  • Friendship link is the most useful method of promotion for novice webmaster

    Hello everyone, I came to pull, or for our new station owners to come, and I say propaganda or soft Wen, I still bring my sincere and ideas came.

    theme is not wordy, novice webmaster Links must be careful consideration, we all know this, but if you would like me to truly "friendship"? We novice webmaster and they are very different old owners are stable are equal and mutually beneficial relations of interests, abilities and other external factors they can take charge as chief of we don’t. read more

  • 11 nternet heavyweights 11 ways of community profitability

    , what is outside the box, 11 Internet heavyweights! The 11 heavyweights of the community site profitable way of self explanation, actually can be regarded as they after successful experience sharing, 11 community website profits, a classic

    !, a Shengdong Pang: community for the activities of the brand


    community is fit for an active brand. According to our experience, although the advertising revenue of some community websites is in the majority, but because of the high degree of participation, the future development of the community is still activities to promote the brand, from which value-added costs. read more

  • Local hospital website should pay attention to three problems

    Internet era and developed around the hospital website also will be developed, and the market prospects are very good, a lot of local hospital website in succession on the line, these sites are more or less there will be some problems. Here is no longer to analyze the link construction and website architecture, and this kind of article has been a lot, and today from several other aspects to analyze.

    1, Baidu bidding for

    a lot of hospital websites are doing Baidu promotion, because the hospital website keywords of fierce competition, resulting in price a few dollars to the original, a few yuan, now quite burn, most of the website promotion after the effect is not very good, but the money is more and more, here a webmaster suggestions don’t overheated competition word, through statistical code to analyze the long term, their price will be much lower, and the conversion rate is much higher than the direct keywords, which requires we must do the statistical work, this work is done, you can spend the least money, get the most consulting customer. read more

  • A traditional enterprise can achieve such a transformation but also wonderful

    "is their own revolution, or being beheaded? Self revolution, at least leave a decent people revolution is very embarrassing." The person who say this is Rongchang washing founder Zhang Rongyao, after the 60 uncle in 1990 from Beijing Light Industry College (now Beijing Technology and Business University) school to teach after graduation, claiming to be "in order to solve the employment problem of" family, the initiation of entrepreneurial idea, founded in 1990, Rongchang laundry. read more

  • finally have my own website

    is a very happy thing to do website, I think so.

    this month, I finally made my first website, and although the process was difficult, I enjoyed the joy of creation and enjoyed the success.

    before this, I once had a station experience, at that time, I just lifted the network soon, everything is strange and silly, a chance, I broke into the world of self-help, anyp, Bo, no worries.. A familiar name, so far in my mind wandering.

    is a website, let me learn HTML language, let me a preliminary understanding of the site, is also a self-help Station, my limit in this small circle, a long time, did not understand the network world of a riot of colours. read more

  • Do not know just master Encyclopedia

    before looking for an East, more time is Baidu once, since Baidu encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia such encyclopedic product out. Found to be detailed and quick understanding of a Dongdong, Wikipedia down a more direct.

    because write network promotion blog, contact a lot of new people to do network promotion, many new people on the network promotion of some terms are not very understanding. For example, what is "UV", what is "advertising alliance", what is "SEO" is still unknown. Let me have a webmaster class Wikipedia website idea. To do their own personal website and promotion experience needs, to collect some internet work friends, most often want to know some of the webmaster class Encyclopedia information. So my new website was born: read more

  • How to increase the user experience of reprinted websites

    Now the

    search engine has been advocated to improve the user experience, the site of the station if the user experience is high, not only can get the weight of Baidu promotion, but also enhance the website user viscosity, improve the conversion rate, enhance the flow of benefits. The contents of the Internet more than billions, you don’t need to write original sometimes acquired user experience will be better than the original site. Today we will introduce how to improve the user experience of the reproduced type website. read more

  • 27 things you must think about doing web work

    before you register your domain name, you should write down your thoughts and prepare enough content for 100 pages. Please note that at least. That’s 100 pages of real content, instead of the link page, about us page, contact us or copyright statement and mixed ".

    2 domain name

    you should choose a domain name that is easy to build, such as You want the, not the keyword.Cn. Keyword rich domain names should be discarded, and easy to build brands and easily identified domain names are the best. read more

  • Do stand or do a good job simple things are the most real

    because I do Internet bar maintenance, originally and do nothing to do with the website, with the increase in business volume. The number of customers is also increasing. The relationship has been around for a long time. Some of the clients gave me some advice, of course, about them. Most is the movie website. With the increasingly prominent copyright issues of Internet cafes, the vast majority of Internet cafes have closed the movie server, and the cultural sector has also checked several times. So, with the idea of doing film station, then it should be 1 years ago, has been planning, and has been outdated (not registered ID, then outdated visitors can browse), all day looking at these MJJ here YY. To tell you the truth, I’m afraid of the problems involving copyright and so on. After all, I deal with these departments. Later found a video sharing program, as for what is not said, so I said that soft, when they began to do, not what technology to pass up, stand a change every day, the data, even if the movie station, what also didn’t want to flow, how is. To the Internet bar to see also finished. To tell the truth. Don’t do, all online free icons help do, then there is a website that can make Google stand, not now so full of 55la. read more

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