Social security People’s livelihood priority to let happiness knock

has been the social security is a hot topic of the people most concerned about, in the country to speed up the pattern of integration of urban and rural social security construction, although the face of the provincial government is an underdeveloped province in Western China, and the economy is small, the natural environment is poor, low per capita level, a large proportion of the poverty situation in the province, but still the social security system as "people’s livelihood", attaches great importance to the construction of social security system, increasing financial investment, continue to explore and improve the system innovation, policies and measures, to let the people enjoy more happiness goal, first step to build up a sense of security, let the people of the province lost insurance, medical treatment, and hurt some old age support the social security system. Improve the system of people’s livelihood by
[] policy to force the province continue perfecting the policy system, improve the level of protection, the implementation of standardized management, to promote the overall development. At present, the basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance system has been basically established and gradually improved. Urban workers pension insurance collection mechanism gradually improved, the basic pension for retirees to pay in full and on time, the social rate of 100%. Urban and rural residents endowment insurance system has made a major breakthrough. 2014, the province set up a unified old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents. Universal coverage of medical insurance, to establish a new rural cooperative medical insurance, medical insurance for urban workers and residents as the main body, to the medical insurance and commercial insurance as a supplement, to the urban and rural medical assistance for the underpinning of the multi-level medical insurance system. To establish and improve the overall planning of the residents’ and employees’ medical insurance outpatient service, which is based on the protection of chronic diseases of special diseases. Establish and improve the medical insurance turnover and outpatient clinic fee system, the implementation of the first hospitalization settlement service model. Unemployment, industrial injury and maternity insurance.
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– the basic old-age insurance for urban workers historical issues and closure of bankrupt enterprises retiree health insurance problems in the lead to solve.
– in the lead in the old industrial synchronization into the overall management of work-related injury insurance, the basic realization of full coverage of religious personnel basic pension, basic medical insurance system, to achieve effective convergence of landless farmers social insurance and new agricultural insurance system.
– the province’s social assistance system to continuously improve the basic construction of urban and rural rescue;

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