Xining won the gold medal of China tourism commodities competition

in May 24th, from the Municipal Tourism Bureau came the good news, held during the "2013 Chinese International Tourism Commodities Fair" and "China tourism commodity competition, I selected the meticulous organization" Qinghai yak Horn Pendant Jewelry "," Qinghai sheepskin embroidered "two pieces of tourism commodities in many entries in the talent shows itself, get" 2013 Chinese tourism commodity competition "gold and bronze respectively, another 9 send the work won the National Award for outstanding works.

According to

reports, organized by the National Tourism Bureau of the "2013 Chinese International Tourism Commodities Fair opened in Zhejiang Yiwu in May 23rd, the Tourism Commodities Fair is the most authoritative and largest tourism commodities exhibition, a total of 1500 companies from all over the country and product exhibition. The city organized a total of nearly 40 tourism enterprises in the tourism industry to participate in the exhibition of goods in the 11.

in recent years, the city continue to increase tourism product development and sales, through reward grants to support the development of tourism commodity enterprises, and actively guide the tourism commodity enterprises outside the province to participate in tourism product competition and other large-scale activities, enrich the city tourism commodities, culture and local characteristics, promote tourism commodities to industrialization, scale the development of.

as of now, the city’s tourism commodity production and sales of about 200 enterprises, and gradually form the Kunlun jade, Cordyceps and yak jerky as the representative of the products, health care products, national supplies, crafts and other prominent features of the tourism commodities series. (author: Sheng Nan Gao Qin)

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