WeChat circle of friends drying into a wave

The National Day holiday, the WeChat circle of friends by the state Shuabing of sorts, everyone rushed to the sun photo, suddenly, circle of friends became a photography contest show ring.

"my vacation did not go out, is afraid of congestion, and the child is too small, not easy to travel. At home to see everyone in the scenery around the WeChat, as if they went to the same". Mr. Minkang holiday at home through the circle of friends, enjoy the scenery around. In his circle of friends, someone wearing a swimsuit, some wrapped in cotton padded clothes, some people in the sun on the beach, but also at the foot of the ice and snow. Mr. Qiu said that the self, through the circle of friends "spiritual" is a way to travel around the world.

"your vacation was over, and I can finally rest for two days!" October 6th, the public in the circle of friends so lamented. Mr. Dong told reporters that he began to work from September 26th, until October 6th to rest.

"enough, these days you go to Britain, while Southeast Asia, to Taiwan for a while, I can not help but to one side of the signal is not very good. I am the angle of the beauty of the earth." Along with the WeChat, there was an astronaut wearing a space suit lying on the moon drinking beer and watching the earth. See more photos of others, not many residents travel also forwarded this WeChat, laugh crazy scraper travel party.

"National Day holiday just fell asleep!" October 7th at noon, Guo made such a circle of friends, with a self lying on the bed from the camera. Reporters learned that a lot of people like the "house", the holidays are neither;

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