Xining City ndustrial and commercial system to increase brand protection promote development

recently, the city’s industrial and commercial system based on "brand, promote the development of law enforcement action to achieve substantive results on, continue to carry forward the continuous fighting style, set off a new round of" brand, promote the development of special enforcement action climax, investigated 14 consecutive cases of trademark infringement, a total value of 91 thousand and 800 yuan.

City Bureau of industry and Commerce by the inspection team in the market inspections, seized a violation of the Harbin wheat King beer trademark registration rights. The parties purchase specifications for each box of 12 beer packing box 500, their packaging after selling 100 boxes, each box of retail 27 yuan, law enforcement personnel at the scene seized infringement packing box of the remaining 400, worth 3 thousand and 300 yuan.

City Branch seized 2 trademark infringement cases, seized suspected of infringing goods "mutual aid" series of 40 bottles of wine, worth 3 thousand and 600 yuan.

City branch of law enforcement personnel to deploy establishment of a joint law enforcement team in urban high key areas, to idle houses, famous smoke shop and warehouse as the focus, strengthen law enforcement efforts on action. To investigate 10 cases of infringement, the infringing goods seized on suspicion of "mutual aid" series of 33 bottles of wine, "Wuliangye" and "Moutai" 26 bottles of liquor, 980 sets of all kinds of liquor packaging, worth 28 thousand yuan.

West Branch seized 2 trademark infringement cases, seized suspected of infringing goods "mutual aid" series of 26 bottles of wine, worth 3 thousand yuan.

North Branch of law enforcement officers patrol in the logistics market, seized suspected of infringing the exclusive right of trademark of Jiuquan Steel "steel 12 tons, worth 50 thousand yuan.

Datong County Bureau of protection at the same time in the well-known trademark of "mutual aid", the "green" in "Jie" and other well-known trademarks listed as key protection implementation of special protection. At present, seized the trademark infringement cases 3, worth 9 thousand yuan. (author: Lining)


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