Affordable housing projects in urban and rural areas of our province started well

in the first quarter of this year, the province of housing and urban construction departments to vigorously promote the protection of urban and rural housing, city shantytowns and urban affordable housing supporting infrastructure construction started smoothly, farmers and herdsmen ramshackle and plateau beautiful countryside construction, to achieve a good start.

it is understood that in our province this year shantytowns task 80281, before the end of February, the city construction plan has been the transformation of shanty towns full decomposition to the county. Currently, the city of Xining and the sea last year, the project has been all over the resumption of work, the new project has started 18 thousand and 200, operating rate of 22.7%, compared with the same period last year, the amount of work (13 thousand and 700) grew by 32.85%.

farmers and herdsmen transformation smoothly. This year plans to implement the transformation of farmers and herdsmen 65 thousand, plans to complete an investment of about $3 billion 500 million. Implementation of the central government subsidy funds 240 million yuan, the provincial financial subsidy funds of 877 million 500 thousand yuan, the funds have been broken down municipalities (state). Is a combination of precise poverty around the poor households filing riser rebuilding object verification of information entry work, the preparation of the annual herdsmen rebuilding plan, and the construction of task decomposition to the county, township, village and households to implement.

plateau beautiful rural construction in an orderly manner. This year plans to build 300 plateau beautiful countryside, plans to invest $1 billion 500 million. Early implementation of the provincial subsidy funds 400 million yuan. Currently, the country is on the plateau beautiful countryside construction work carried out specific arrangements. Issued a special plan for the Qinghai provincial agricultural and pastoral areas of garbage five years of action plan, launched the national wastewater treatment demonstration counties in the preparation of the special planning of the work carried out preliminary research on the 2.

next, the province will accelerate the transformation of urban shantytowns monetary resettlement and government procurement services. On the public rental housing projects dragnet diagnostic investigation, the establishment of ledger, accelerate the improvement of supporting facilities, improve the occupancy rate of public rental housing. At the same time, do a good job farmers and herdsmen renovation project, strengthen the housing structure, seismic fortification, style control, quality and safety and file information. The implementation of 300 plateau beautiful rural construction, increase the rural living environment improvement efforts. Promote the 2 National Demonstration County and the Huangshui River Basin, Qinghai Lake area rural sewage treatment work. Guidance to speed up the completion of the special plan for the preparation of garbage disposal and garbage disposal facilities project library construction.


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