Our province won the National Bicycle Race Sixth

October 25th, the nineteenth session of the president of the national cup of the president of the City Cup finals and the National Junior Tennis Championships in Hebei, Xingtai start. On behalf of the Qinghai team won the Qinghai University student Ma Cheng in the men’s road a large group game 50KM game sixth good results. It is understood that the "International Olympic Committee President Cup National Cycling 100 city" by former International Olympic Committee Chairman Mr. Samaranch proposed a national high standard China approved by the State General Administration of sports mass cycling events. The event has been successfully held 18 sessions, the number of participants, a wide range of division. This tournament a total of 45 teams from the country, the 430 players to participate in the competition. According to the Provincial Sports Bureau, the event management center organized by Qinghai University, Xining bicycle association of 12 amateur riders to participate in the competition of the three projects. In October 27th, our province players also participated in the men’s mountain bike race and man. In recent years, with the continued competition around the lake, driven by the rapid development of amateur cycling club, training a large number of amateur cycling enthusiasts. Qinghai University Ma Cheng students for two consecutive years in the Qinghai Lake College Road Cycling Race on the outstanding achievements, the representative of Qinghai to participate in the national amateur competitions and achieved good results in sixth, indicating the development of mass sports in our province not only has a quantitative basis, but also a qualitative improvement. In addition, the Qinghai team Chen Haiming in the men’s mountain open group B match won the third person, Hu Xiaojun, Wang Haijun and Li Guizhi respectively won the men’s group a mountain open tournament tenth, twelfth and fifteenth of the good results.  

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