Chase mode let mine governance win

In November 11th, the reporter in Datong County along the winding mountain road to Liang Jiao Xiang Gan Gou Cun on the top of the mountain, a beautiful sight, like a terraced mountain stone, from the left in the fields of wheat stalks in harvest season, you can imagine that heavy wheat. We are at the foot of a reservoir of 2000 parties, it will lead to the Beichuan river water, and then self irrigated farmland, the eyes of these acres of terraced fields is the formation of modern agricultural standardization in the field of governance in the 9000." Datong coal mine geological environment demonstration project implementation of the staff said. Just a few years ago, this reporter at the foot of the mountain, due to years of uninterrupted production, resulting in a disastrous state, slag dust everywhere, four. Speaking of the mining history of Datong coal mine, there are hundreds of years, it has provided a basic guarantee for Qinghai’s industrial and civilian coal energy supply, and made a significant contribution to the social development of Qinghai province and the people’s lives. But after a hundred years after the development of coal resources, mining subsidence and large scale subsidence, coal gangue and slag pressure for land and housing building wall cracking and collapse damaged farmland productivity decline and collapse of waste cultivation, complex and prominent historical mine environmental geological problems directly affect local people’s production and life. In order to effectively improve the Datong coal mine geological environment, we started from June 2012 onwards, the implementation of demonstration projects of geological environment treatment project budget here, a total investment of 390 million yuan, three years to complete the comprehensive management of mine geological environment of 13.85 square kilometers. At present, nearly 2/3 of the project has been completed." Provincial Land and Resources Department of geological environment researcher Liu Hongxing introduction. From the village of Gan, Gan ditch village, the white cliffs to the ditch, to the small coal channel, in this hundred years of coal mining area, the former had a maximum of 18, 19 small coal mines. Today, all of the wellhead has been blocked by concrete, the 1 million 380 thousand side of the coal mine waste residue has been cleaned up, can not see any traces of the past small coal mines. The historical record only the white cliffs ditch that a former village, a crack in the wall to climb, the outer body of a supporting column logs weight of the wall, their former masters had moved to the village at the foot of the hill, started a new life. There is a large space in the formation of the small coal channel, did not see the large slag gangue, the memory of the once lived here for Dong Fahui, he said: "I remember that the slag gangue is like a hill, a gust of wind in the past is dusty." In this regard, Liu Hongxing said that in the renovation process, they bulldozed here 10 meters high above the ground slag gangue, based on repeated compaction on complex filled soil, so that the environment here is suitable for farming, at the same time, the waste residue blocking channel were cleaning up, building drainage and blocking dam, the area of the flood discharge capacity to recover and improve. "In the summer of 2015, there will be planted saplings, green grass, in the future will also plan to build a mine park, so that the mine can be retained. Datong coal mine geological environment demonstration project in the 20 demonstration projects in the country ranked fifth."  

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