City leaders take the lead in implementing bus regulations

Change the style of work is a major political task, can not be a discount; the masses are expected to be the first signal, can not tolerate the slightest perfunctory. Strengthen the management of official vehicles, is to thoroughly implement the central eight provisions and the provincial government 21 measures, the municipal government 15 measures for specific actions, but also an important content of deepening the construction of a clean and honest government work style construction. Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, leadership and leading cadres of municipal government insist on checking while improving, Li said Li line, from the masses generally reflect the official car around things, take the lead from their own, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the management of the bus, turn push the wind, to ensure that the party’s mass line education practice to achieve tangible results. The day before, the general office of the municipal government in the strict implementation of the central and provincial ban and strictly implement the "Regulations" based on the strict implementation of official vehicles, official vehicles and municipal government leaders, the driver signed "the use of official vehicles management responsibility", resolutely eliminate Gongjusiyong behavior, relying on strict regulations and working rules. To implement the requirements of the management and use of the bus.

remove dirt behavior, stand for the people of the system. An official vehicle use management responsibility reflects the city government leaders and the municipal government office to take the lead in changing the style of determination and practical initiatives. I believe that with the party’s mass line educational practice unceasingly thorough, with the provisions of leaders at all levels to take the lead in the implementation of the central and provincial, city, improve the style of work, the party’s mass line educational practice achievements will win the trust.  

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