Our province to track the implementation of major national policy measures in the two quarter of the

Qinghai provincial audit department audit innovation ideas and methods, the two quarter of 2016 the province recently arranged for major national policies and measures for the implementation of audit work to promote the deployment of major policy implementation, to promote the smooth operation of the economy.

according to the provincial audit department responsible person, the main contents of the audit is to speed up the city infrastructure construction and implementation of policies and measures "," financial support for the real economy especially Small and micro businesses and the ‘three rural’ implementation of policies and measures "," implementation of the autonomy of business investment, the implementation of policies and measures to encourage social investment". In accordance with the "State Council on strengthening the city infrastructure construction views" and other documents required for the reform and development of urban and rural housing construction, the central and local governments, land resources and other departments are to develop the city infrastructure construction, establish and improve the special planning standards and quality evaluation system; increase the city infrastructure construction funds to implement the city; the infrastructure of land supply policy to track audit. Check whether the local city planning and city infrastructure construction special planning requirements, the relevant special planning implementation is in place, focus on examination of the planning adjustment policies and supporting measures and implementation.


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