Xining yesterday as summer rain and precipitation

Take off, wear long johns long johns seems to be the people of Xining, the most tangled thing. In May 20th, the city of sunshine, the temperature increased sharply, many people wear summer clothes, feel Spring is in the air. Reporters learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, to 20, when the city’s highest temperature of 25 degrees C, the highest data for May.

"it’s so hot today, it’s all sweaty." "The weather is really unbearable, the world really is a cool city sometimes hot and sometimes cold." In the afternoon, a lot of people on the roadside shade told reporters, wearing long johns unbearably hot, and afraid of sudden cooling off long johns to get sick, really don’t know what to wear long johns or off long johns. Reporters in the city downtown to see, a lot of people are wearing summer clothes, skirts, T-Shirts, sunglasses and so on all battle, leisurely old people sitting under the tree chat, go on the way people are staying as close to a cool wall and walk under the tree. What is the maximum temperature on that day? City Meteorological Station staff said, as of the day when the maximum temperature of 18 degrees of urban temperature of 25 degrees, which is the highest temperature since May.

in addition, the city meteorological observatory staff, the highest temperature today will be possible to break through yesterday, but the city has 22 days of precipitation weather; 23, the city still has weak precipitation. It is predicted that although precipitation will bring some cooling, but the possibility of a sharp drop in temperature is small. But the body is weak or should pay attention to keep warm, in case of a cold.


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