Xining City the basic livelihood of the needy people to protect

January 11th, the author learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, just after the new year’s Day Spring Festival, through the quiet and peaceful holiday for the protection of the urban and rural poor people, a series of measures were taken to ensure that the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the basic livelihood of poor people.

it is understood, according to the general office of the State Council, I decided to continue this year as the object, the urban and rural beneficiaries and key entitledgroups issued two one-time subsidies, at present, the specific payment standards has not been determined, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau will do the minimum target of personnel information verification, to determine the standard, will be issued to the minimum target hands before the end of January. At the same time, from January to February the city guaranteeing payment in January 20th before release to the minimum target hands, the city will be 67796 residents object low issuance of 28 million 515 thousand and 800 yuan premium.

may occur in response to all kinds of disaster, as of now, the City Civil Affairs Bureau has allocated relief flour 1500.36 tons, quilt 600 sets, 930 cotton padded clothes, down jacket 600, military 930 coats, and shoes, cots, blankets, portable lamp, raincoat, rain boots and so on. And timely formulate rescue plan, regulate relief funds and materials issuance procedures, simplify disbursement procedures, to ensure timely relief funds to the implementation of the difficulties in the hands of the masses, timely issued this year "warmth and love" social donations, the society from all walks of life to the people in the disaster areas of the love letter.

at present, the city has taken a variety of forms to this object, condolences to the affected people, poor urban and rural residents and rural beneficiaries, with the party and the government’s care for them, I have been allocated in time allowances subsidies 71 million 600 thousand yuan and Medicaid payments 4 million 810 thousand yuan, ensure entitledgroups basic production, life and health the problem. Also due to temporary, sudden causes of temporary difficulties in the lives of families living on the edge of poverty, in accordance with the standard 500 yuan -3000 yuan to give temporary relief to ensure that their basic life during the holiday season. (author: Zhang Qian)



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