This year the province’s efforts to combat illegal fund raising significantly

this year, the province actively and steadily push forward the risk of illegal fund-raising investigation and rectification work, as of the end of April, the province’s public security organs for investigation of criminal cases of illegal fund-raising 7, cracked 7 cases, involving 20 million 130 thousand yuan.

for a long time, the provincial government attaches great importance to the disposal of illegal fund-raising work, timely integration set up in Qinghai Province, combat and disposal of illegal fund-raising and trading venues rectification work leading group, the province’s two city, six prefectures and 36 counties (city, commission) establish and improve the prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising work mechanism, set up the proportion of 78%. This year, the leading group of serious preparations for the special rectification activities, timely deployment of Internet financial risk rectification work, formulated the "Qinghai province Internet financial risk special rectification work implementation plan" and 6 sub areas of special rectification program, suspended the registration name and business scope contains "the exchange", "trading center" and "financial" and "asset management", "financial management", "fund, fund management, investment management, wealth management, equity investment fund", "net loan" and "lending", "P2P", "equity raise", "Internet insurance business" the registration and approval. Public security organs for investigation of criminal cases of illegal fund-raising, illegal deposits from the public 6, fund-raising fraud from the beginning of, the number of people involved in raising funds of 255.

at the same time, the leading group issued a "notice" on 2016 in Qinghai province suspected of illegal fund-raising advertising information investigation and cleanup activities, urge municipalities to increase coordination and management of illegal fund-raising and other advertising monitoring and inspection, timely closure of alleged illegal fund-raising information. In accordance with the "three unification two" principle, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei actively coordinating relevant departments to carry out the "Qinghai provincial Diwei of illegal fund-raising case disposal of assets.


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