Working as a candy shop to teach you to open shop

throughout the year, each season has a lot to get married, get married not to send candy, candy shop business seasons are not bad. Many of my friends would like to open a candy store, then how can we successfully open candy shop? We analyze from the following points.

1, collected some candy information, understand the new varieties of candy, taste and price, and according to customer requirements for good taste, high quality, reasonable collocation of candy, and the new packaging design, highlighting the new tastes and interests, in order to achieve the effect of out of the ordinary.

2, if the guests choose the candy packaging itself is very beautiful, also can choose enough grades, transparent glass packaging, let candy at a glance; if the guests choose candy is very general, you can use pretty wrapping paper put it up against; if the guest to buy candy is ready for the old man’s 50th wedding anniversary. So can some sugar free candy collocation.

3, brains, the scope of the expansion of candy. Such as marriage, happiness, joy, but best wishes for your new home, son of Jinbangtiming joy joy, commentary on the title, children abroad and so on, these are worth celebrating the wedding. People buy candy to share with friends, you will have the opportunity to make money.

4, additional sales of some "dowry Sambo" and "bowl", "wine", "fruit bowl", "tea" and other antique porcelain like, this can also be formulated according to the needs of the individual, generally tens of dollars a.

5, store design to celebrate the unique, as the sale of wedding supplies shop, store decoration design must have affinity, and can let the new people at the first time was attracted into the store.

6, site selection. Site must be in a large flow of people, the focus of young people, such as supermarkets, women’s street so popular places.

7, candy store appears in selling products, but also closely related with the service, so the candy shop to attract more customers, will begin from the good service. Only the service carefully, carefully, let the customer feel the sincere and warm, to get the trust of consumers, will have a lot of customers become your old customer.


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