The 3 problems that must be considered in the location of flower shop

beautiful and beautiful flowers, but also purify the air, coupled with the growing urbanization, the roadside wildflowers are less and less, so that the flower shop began to usher in a huge demand. Because of this, the flower consumption showed a growing trend in recent years, in addition to a pretty flower garden itself, let the people and beautify the Home Furnishing effect such as good to hear or see, it can develop people’s imagination, make people more implicit in the interaction, more taste. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and cultural taste, people’s demand for flowers will increase.

open shop in the most suitable place, in fact, everyone has their own unique insights, I am here only from the marketing and their own shop experience to analyze.

said many people in the vicinity of the hospital, opened in an office building near, near the school, near the residential area, near the mall, in fact, these places are suitable for a florist, but everyone is standing in his shop to look at the issue, he is now in there that there is good, so a lot of people do not know in the end how to choose the store, we said that the choice of florist must consider the following questions.

, the next 3 to 5 years after you intend to do what aspects of the business, such as wedding flower, flower flower business, school, etc…. What is your main market market in the future, that is to say a certain store location and its market position is consistent, otherwise you after 3 years to move closer to the wedding floral, but found his shop very little in a marriage to the customer’s place, it is relatively difficult to change, what 3 years in front of the target, or move, believe that the two results are not what you want, so choose a florist and their market positioning consistent is crucial.

, how much do you intend to invest in the two shop, you can afford the high rent, in many places the location is good, but the rent is very high, as a new shop, you can’t afford it, this time to talk about the position of good and bad in fact has little meaning, five star hotel all know good, but not everyone has the necessary or have the ability to live.

three security, housing, the safety first is the future of your shop is the demolition and change of use may, if that is possible, the earliest will happen at what time, once can you have emergency measures, and the housing is allowed to carry out the retail business. If the local policy is limited, no house and no significance.


said to store a correct location selection factors need to be considered very much, however, Xiaobian introduced such three points but should arouse every entrepreneur’s attention, it was possible to let the entrepreneurial career really better development. So, if you open a flower shop, you will consider the location of these?

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