Network venture partners is very important

partner plays a very important role in one’s career, but a lot of time, is not to say that more of your partner, then your business can develop better, especially the Internet business, 1+1 is not equal to 2.

1, the entrepreneurial team must have a core figure or leader. Meet as equals is not democracy, but the internal friction. The leader is in command. Too many arguments for each strategy instead of delaying the time. Of course there is on the wrong way, but nowhere is better than forward. The leader of its own people. NBA key ball to the team leader. Students or family business, not wrong. But one must yield to the other.

2, the core partner is the most important character. Worthy of trust and trust, can reduce the friction, to avoid the heart tired. One can do good for employees, but the core must be a sage. The core of the best partner of like-minded, such cooperation will be more happy. Partner is the most important meaning of support, spiritual understanding and trust, rather than just doing things. I have a business friend, being his partner get mentally and physically exhausted because do not support, do not understand.

3, venture partner must have passion and confidence, must be in the interests of the stakeholders, to be dedicated. In the investment of the shareholders, each partner is necessary to invest, and is a significant amount of money for him. The combination of interest and risk can drive his initiative. Otherwise, the founder go all out, but it is speculation that the partner will benefit from the retreat is to give up, the two sides are not in the same level of psychology. As W, looking forward to the network business of the rich, and miss his own trading company, always in a swing state, considering the difficulty to retreat, and even affect the company staff’s confidence.

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