Smiling let more tourist shops

in order to allow shops to attract more customers, and now many of the owners can be said to be takegreat trouble, but also do not necessarily work. As the saying goes, "a man without a smiling face Hugh shop", with a smile, not only gives people a sense of intimacy, but also narrow the distance between me, so, for the interaction between the two sides, to find a common language will have certain advantages. At the same time, smiling and welcoming, to the customer a pro, will allow the customer with a happy mood to pick goods.

just take my little shop. We have nearly two hundred families here in the District, but opened a 4 store, you see, the competition also has however, as can be imagined, whether it is windy or rainy, sunny or cloudy, several do business, only my best business here. To say what "skills", that is certainly not, because all sales of goods is basically the same, the price is the market price, what basically no difference. To say that my business is good, is nothing more than I have to greet the customer every day, to greet the polite sound, coupled with the smiling faces of each customer to send home.

In fact,

, customers, smile is very important. Let’s make a point of thinking, if you see the other side is a dark face, or see a sunny smile in a good mood? Therefore, in order to showmanship, wine, a smiling face is very important, this is the details of the business, to seize the small details, maybe will be able to usher in big business.

to those smiling businesses, who do not want to deal with such a person? At the same time, the customer is not to buy things passing from the door, I will be polite and they say hello, greetings, so, it also will give each other to bring a sense of intimacy, let the customer feel you care about him, so as to leave a good impression.

in this way, the residents of the district are like to go to my store to buy things. Even if not to buy things, meet when they are willing to come to my shop to sit, Lara homemade, smoke, drink a cup of water, so that my shop is not only popular, but also very harmonious, this is the charm of a smile.

most of the time, a shop to business really hot up, do not need specific business skills, only when the daily operation about the service attitude, in the details of the above account point, perhaps can let the shops to get customers’ recognition, and then let the store business really gets hot development.

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