Bank executives resigned to start the nternet banking journey

for 10 years ago, people, leaving the business may be a passive move. And now more people are in the hearts of a dream and choose to leave the business. Former bank executives, Liu Bo is such a person, he chose to leave to join the financial venture.

2015 December, from the Bank of has been removed from the identity of senior executives have been.

in addition to Liu Bo, including Vice President, former vice president of the Exim Bank China CITIC Bank Cao Tong, former vice president of Huaxia Bank, old gold, former Bank of Hangzhou governor Yu Shengfa, former governor of the Bank of Bohai executive Zhao Shigang and a number of banks in the past year to bid farewell to the silver industry, turned to the Internet financial sector started "entrepreneurship".

from bankers to occupation

in the transformation of bank people, like Liu Bo as not many people to start their own company.

A large number of financial

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