Synthetic liquefied petroleum gas project real reliable

is now on the market despite the birth of a lot of business opportunities, however, the authenticity of many projects have yet to be investigated. In the current complex entrepreneurial market, the choice of a real and reliable business opportunities is more important. So, synthetic liquefied petroleum gas project real reliable?

media now advocated "liquefied gas", "synthesis of liquefied gas, liquefied gas and other energy" advertising is more, this kind of advertising that "liquid synthetic gas" to ordinary chemical raw materials as the main raw material, the cost is only half of the liquefied petroleum gas. But this project is feasible?

analysis: raw materials easy to find small investment?

investment small: equipment investment 5000 yuan, can be built – a total of 3000 gas stations.

high profits: to build a 3000 small gas station, for example, Nissan up to 1. 5 tons. A bottle of profit of 18 yuan, annual profit of about 600000 yuan.

raw materials easy to get, no pollution: raw material collection is simple, all the chemical shops selling goods or in accordance with the provisions of the company to join the logistics can be. When burning non-toxic, no pollution, no peculiar smell, no black smoke, no carbon, high calorific value, firepower. No residue after combustion. Technology through the national CMA testing, is an ideal alternative to civilian fuel.

truth: reverse production is not feasible!

material is not easy: ordinary liquefied gas component is propane and butane, and new synthetic liquefied gas factory in the technical description is referred to "raw materials, chemical stores are sold everywhere", and did not point out what is the specific raw materials. But raw material is the key to production!

lab "synthetic liquefied gas" is one of the raw materials used in flammable liquid pentane oil, with the addition of a volatile liquid physical mixing together to form gas combustion. Pentane itself not only poor stability and safety. But in reality, people have to pay 5000 yuan to buy this technology, return to the local and asked to know the necessary raw materials for the production of pentane is dangerous goods, do not allow private buy, the market is almost impossible to buy.

is higher than that of finished price: even if there are investors find the synthesis of liquefied petroleum gas in the market of raw materials, but also need the liquefied gas too late for regrets — Synthesis of pentane and acetone belong to valuable chemical raw materials, the market price of each price is much higher than that of liquefied gas!

, that is to say, this is a "reverse" production, is valuable to manufacturing elemental mixture, there is no economic feasibility. In the analysis of profit, the investment cost is only the cost of raw materials, while the total cost of the product includes the cost of raw materials and operating costs.

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