Shanghai one of the entrepreneurs to raise funds to shoot nude blackmail 500 thousand

business needs a lot of money, the threshold for many entrepreneurs to flinch, also let many enterprise managers start soon with broken halberds defeat. But in any case, can not take the money on the road to crime. Venture in Shanghai Wu paid for their own moment of confusion.

but due to product development and promotion of cost estimation, their company ran out in a few months after the previous investment funds. In the face of increasing daily expenses, investors Fang gradually retreat, the cooperation of the two finally ended in August 2015.

9 on 16 at noon, Wu to return part of the office computer on the grounds that Fang came to Wujiaochang about their stay in a hotel room. Continue to invest again in the persuasion to no avail, he took out the tape while it is not prepared, prepared forcibly tied Fang’s hands. Subsequently, the threat of a knife demanded 500 thousand yuan fang. The frightened A Fang immediately said not so much money, take time out to raise money.

9 on the evening of 16 August, accompanied by his family, to the Shanghai Yangpu police alphonsea. After receiving the report, Yangpu Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment immediately in conjunction with the Wujiaochang police station to carry out investigation work. After a series of visits to the investigation, the police determine the basic trajectory of wu.

9 17 afternoon, when Wu came to Wujiaochang a restaurant to take money from the hands of Fang, was waiting for a long time the investigators captured and seized a portable tool, mobile phone and other tools of crime. After the interrogation, Wu confessed to obtain venture funds to implement the blackmail and impose exactions on the facts of the crime. At present, the suspect Wu has been arrested according to law, the case is under further investigation.


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