The fruit shop needs to pay attention to these details

some friends do not want to work, want to own a fruit shop, this idea is actually feasible. However, the need to pay attention to the opening of a lot of details of the fruit shop, so you can smooth operation of the store. Open a fruit shop to pay attention to what details? Xiaobian this is introduced to you.

clear real wholesale price:

all wholesale price verbally are similar, but different types of wholesalers price concessions range is different, how to understand the real wholesale price, the secret is: calm, careful observation.

for newcomers, the purchase must be careful of the twelve, as the saying goes, no rape is not, on Saturday to xinfade fully appreciate this point.

How much is

note: the data here is 500 pounds in order to facilitate the calculation of the integer taken, is really the weight is 468 pounds, the price is really. In the end how many pounds?.

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