Four experience in doing business

How can

be able to do business well? Do people feel very simple, to do is to do anything wrong, how will lose money. In fact, how to do business, which is also able to continue to accumulate experience. Today, all walks of life in the market competition, to do business raging like a storm, dragons and fishes jumbled together, it is not easy. Among them, a variety of marketing strategies contributed to the use of appropriate, will make it, benefit. Here are some of my business experience accumulated over the years.

1. carefully selected suppliers

I believe in "commodity fidelity, Wumart price" principle. On the one hand that I shop can get high profits, but also allows consumers to enjoy premium benefits, while small profits in order to win, the three win-win mode can make the parties obtain long-term common development. Select the appropriate supplier is a very serious matter, then carefully and patiently to investigate the market, suppliers through our "fayan" into my purchase channels.

because each of the goods sold to consumers represent the image of my store. Consumers buy a good quality goods must be; but once you get a poor quality of the goods, will lose the trust of the commodity, and such feelings will be spread out, which caused serious influence directly to my shop reputation. This is the root cause of my careful selection of suppliers.

2. makes a good product marketing role

good and high-grade goods themselves will speak, you can serve as a marketing role in the store, so that marketing and promotion become a luxury. As clouds sell well, because Hongta sell well, drive all the clouds sales, Hongta mountain is a high-grade cigarette brand, if it fell, will certainly affect the sales of clouds is round; Changbai Mountain sell, also contributed to the price of other popular Changbai Mountain.

therefore, commodity marketing is the promotion of high-end goods in commodity marketing. The same is true of other goods, there should be a certain proportion of high-grade goods, and should be placed in the store’s location is very obvious, so that not only the level of the store up, also can take care of all aspects of the consumer, this is my store brand grade range where the main reason.

3. flexible treatment of different customers

In addition to commodity factors,

, according to years of operating experience, summed up a set of different types of customers to take different marketing strategies. Customer shopping is "deterministic"; "uncertain"; and "hazy". "Determined" customers, when they see the shopping goals, tend to go straight to the past. At this point, I will follow closely, to describe the goods more comprehensively, in order to accelerate their desire to buy.

for "uncertain" and "hazy"

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