Use other people’s technology to save their own goods

the following, now want to start blockbuster, must be unique, creative, such ability in many brands in the market, to win wealth. Hanging on the wall to hear the music will follow the rhythm of the flashing pattern of the "music T-shirt"; the cabinet will be sounded on the ring will run everywhere, so that you can not catch catch small alarm clock……

2006, he served as secretary of the Communist Youth League’s resignation hole 3 years set up information technology company. At that time the company has just started, only 100 thousand yuan on the development of funds. In order to save, I set up a company with the company ‘s profit of less than 1 million yuan, we can only get a salary of $1000 agreement." Small jokes, I am afraid that the general manager for the number of monthly salary of 1000 yuan "".

"recently the Huayi Brothers, the global.

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