Micro business can replace the status of Taobao

now this society, has not heard of micro business people is too OUT. In the face of the bottleneck when the Taobao shopkeepers, micro business has been explosive development, from the computer to the phone, micro business has almost replaced Taobao platform to become the first choice for young entrepreneurs.

1, the status quo comparison: Taobao is the Red Sea, micro business is blue ocean

before since the media has said, Taobao 90% sellers do not make money, this Taobao president epilepsy row responded that all profitable businesses are in Taobao. Such an attitude is very artistic, but in fact did not deny the fact that Taobao 90% sellers do not make money. Today, Taobao is already one of the Red Sea, with capital predators and traditional brand approach, small sellers after the completion of "raising" Taobao mission only had to leave.

2, cost comparison: the high cost of entrepreneurship Taobao, micro business threshold is lower

in the brother was also a member of Taobao in 2011 after the seller, I paid 1000 yuan of consumer protection, the official start of the Taobao career. At that time, Taobao is particularly easy, do on the shelf optimization and Title Optimization, and every day there are hundreds of natural flow in products with reliable quality, customer service and thoughtful service, the conversion rate of long-term to maintain more than 10% stores, re purchase rate can be more than 50%. A year and a half to do the 3 crown, the annual water has also done about 3 million.


but in 13 years, business was poor half, because of the natural flow of Taobao to more and less, plus the brother do is health food, can not open train and drill, so I had to expand the team, increase the art, promotion, operation, outside the station to drainage. After that, I feel more tired, earn almost all the money to do the promotion, it is totally dedicated to Taobao. In the brother very depressed, why did Taobao so pleasant, with a computer and recommended

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