The modern management of cigarette should meet the requirements

"modern" society, any business if you want to develop, naturally also need to meet the requirements of the times, so that it will really get a good business development. Some people in Gansu city of Jiuquan Province Hong Mei Suzhou District "Yucheng famous smoke shop, I shop since the response of the tobacco industry called on to create a modern cigarette retail terminal, happened to turn the world upside down changes. Today, I combined with the actual situation of the store and share my feelings about the construction of modern cigarette retail terminal.

modern business sense

in recent years, the economic development of Jiuquan area gradually slowed down, in the past, "cigarette Buchoumai phenomenon has become the past, I shop business has entered a dilemma. When I do nothing, our area of customer manager timely and I have modern management consciousness of communication, encouraging me to change the business ideas in the development of tourist too observant of conventional standards., and actively promote efforts.

under the guidance of account manager, I set up the customer records timely, customer contact to complete collection and added to my QQ group and WeChat circle of friends, to the store to buy cigarettes often customers, record their details, every new year holidays or attend birthday guest I will send some of the blessings to their messages, give them some gift lighters or ashtrays or small gifts.

when the cigarettes arrive, I will send a text message or phone call to inform my customers, remind them: you need the cigarette arrived, is to take or need to send me past. Through careful training, I set up a more stable relationship with customers, gradually, the source of a substantial increase in the level of profitability.

modern operating facilities

because I shop in Hanvon Hotel Deshang, relatively large daily flow of traffic around the shops, and more, how to attract customers to the store I is I think the most problem. Later, the client manager advised me to install a LED display in the store, the indoor increase advertising player, rolling tobacco advertising and promotional activities and other information every day.

since I installed the LED display, the pedestrian passing back and forth will stay for a few seconds to look at the contents of the above, interested customers will look into my shop, I will promptly handed him a new cigarette, invite him to the shop. Customers in the new taste of cigarettes at the same time, but also in the experience area next to the newspaper stand idly reading tobacco cigarette magazines, learn some knowledge, in the course of contacts, also became my back.

modern management method

I didn’t have the habit of inventory, record sales, accounting profits, and later participated in the training of tobacco companies

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