How to promote the construction of Characteristic Towns in Fujian

urbanization continues to increase, a lot of qualified people, have chosen to enter the city life. However, as a large agricultural country, there are many farmers on the land of the motherland, how to promote urban construction, is also a crucial topic. So, how to promote the construction of small towns in Fujian? In accordance with the relevant provisions of the requirements, created by 3 years to 5 years of cultivation, and built a number of industrial characteristics, system flexibility, strong cultural atmosphere, innovative vigor and beautiful ecological environment, the integration of multiple functions of the characteristics of small town.

requires all adhere to the characteristics for this, industry is the root, exquisite livable, double carrier, and project driven enterprises, focusing on new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, marine tourism, high-tech, Internet economy and other emerging industries, both Arts and crafts, textile and footwear tea, food, and other traditional industries, to create a feature of the town planning.

is a small town on the basis of a certain industry or its links, together with the relevant enterprises, institutions and personnel, the formation of a unique spiritual temperament and cultural flavor of the modern community.

and towns and Industrial Park "big and complete", "small and exquisite town features beautiful, often with local characteristic industries or format as the basis, pay attention to agglomeration industry chain downstream factors, policy system, the construction of" microclimate ", is a characteristic industry planning area is 3 square kilometers around the area, is the development of space platform has clear industry positioning, cultural connotation, both tourism and community function. In recent years, the characteristics of small town construction gradually rise, and increasingly become a new service industry, the new economic development of the new carrier.

Guiding Opinions on strengthening the protection of elements, increase financial support, to give support to personnel and other aspects of the proposed 18 measures. In terms of elements of protection, guidance to give priority to meet the needs of the characteristics of small town land, each of the characteristics of the town of 100 acres of land for each indicator, the new construction land plan to tilt support.

in accordance with the relevant planning and does not change the existing industrial land use under the premise of industrial workshop, warehouse, housing renovation and expansion and utilization of underground space, improve the rate of volume can no longer pay the price of land. Eligible construction projects included in the provincial key construction projects.

"guidance" proposed to increase the financial support for the construction of small towns. Give a discount support to the bond and feature of the town, the town within the scope of eligible projects, give priority to declare the national special construction funds and special funds, enjoy priority provincial industrial transformation and upgrading of the relevant special grant funds or support policies, priority support to policy banks for long-term low interest loans, given the characteristics of town planning is recommended

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