How to do a good job shop location

maternal and child shop location affects the latter part of the business, so franchisees need to think about this investment problem. If you do a good job in the preparatory work site, then the latter will be much easier. So what should be taken into account in the site selection? Many franchisees are not very clear, together to learn it.


three condition excellent sites

1, more than ten years of continuous operating force

for baby products, the new site should be selected with commercial development potential. The competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure.

2, the size of the target customer base there are any maternal and child supplies stores should be to meet customer demand as its purpose.

3, out of the smooth road

A necessary condition for

three elements: excellent sites

1, a sufficient amount of household and population in support of

distribution and consumption characteristics of secondary dew and edge circle each residents or the specific target of the public

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