Entrepreneurs do not know the six psychological effects

psychology is very wonderful, the psychological effect is often also has a profound significance, it can lead people to understand the nature of the phenomenon, so people are concerned. Here we share the psychological effects of six entrepreneurs can not be unknown, read will certainly get some inspiration.

1, consciously use the Rosenthal effect

2, make full use of the Baer effect

this effect requires leaders with horses, ladder spirit, green spirit spirit, in training, to the country and the nation’s major industry, the unit and the collective for the first spot, let go with it, to promote the appointment of more capable than themselves, to create talented subordinates talent shows itself positive opportunities.

3, the appropriate use of catfish effect

when loaded into the catfish fish tank, due to unfamiliar environment, will swim around, and found the sardines dissidents, will be nervous, speed swimming, so they live sardines to return to port. This is >

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