Aunt seat on the bus card for the dog coming

society can be said to happen every day a lot of all sorts of strange things things, it will say next can say is unheard of, have an aunt in the rush hour should give his dog card seat.

18, a wonderful thing happened 475 bus routes: the train station was full of passengers, a puppy is stately in their seats. Passengers want to dog dog owners will hold his seat to older passengers, the dog owner but the righteous said his dog brush card, can take a seat. Passengers face accusations, dog owners even carrying passengers, ignore, all the way to Yangjiaping to get off, dog owners are not for other passenger seat.

18 at 7:30 in the morning, the master 475 road car in the road of Nan’an District station, ready to go to work on.

"I played cards, managed to squeeze into the car." The master said, he pushed the driver behind the aisle, suddenly found a dog sitting on the seat, sitting next to a more than and 50 year old woman, everyone hopes that she will turn the dog up and let sit, but she sat calmly, do not ignore.

See the shooting

18 day, the four person in charge of the Western bus company told reporters that after they understand the situation, the name of the mother will be installed in a blue cloth bag, zipper on the bus secretly. Since the 475 bus is no ticket, the driver does not have the power to check the passenger bag. Therefore, the passengers on the bus, the driver can not see the dog in the bag. On the bus, there is no passenger to the driver. Passengers to get off at the Yangjiaping station, passengers have to mention the matter to the driver. < / recommendation

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