Shanghai why the old housing loans to relax

for the old housing loans in Shanghai to relax the policy, the relaxation of the intensity of the banks are great, but for the duration of the mortgage is not the same. So, why the old Shanghai housing loans to relax? Let us look at the specific.

day before the media reports, Guangdong and built four lines over 20 years old to relax housing loans, loan period from the past and the age of the building a total of 40 years, up to a maximum of 60 years. The reporter visited the four lines in Shanghai, found that some banks have relaxed the old housing loan period, and the scale is not a small difference, but the longest period of 30 years of mortgage.

5 month 26 days, reporters to ordinary property buyers identity to Shanghai each big commercial bank mortgage policy consulting, found that many banks offer loans from 40 years minus age, up to 50 years of age minus the loan amount, loan are not enough 70%.

construction bank mortgage business personnel said that over 30 years of age, most will generally give you the loan for 20 years, then (loans) into a number of up to 6 into.

Chinese bank mortgage business staff said that the bank is to lose 50 Chinese house Fangling, 1980, 2016, to 50, at most ten years. It is possible to borrow 5 into 6 into a pretty difficult for the 7.

and the line of the most wide scale, can break through the 50 years old age limit, and does not affect the loan amount. Industrial and commercial bank loan business staff said that the house more than 30 years of age, only the loan for 25 years, in less than 30 years can be borrowed for 30 years.

industry insiders pointed out that the length of time commercial bank loans, and there is no clear limit, the bank can independently adjust the risk control standards, but in the past, the general loan period in Shanghai in addition to a total of 40 years of age.

but from the beginning of 2013, the volume of second-hand housing transactions in Shanghai gradually beyond Yishoufang, is currently more than two times the number of years old housing loans to relax, no doubt will further activate the stock market trading volume of residential.

Shanghai Central Plains Research Senior Analyst Lu Wenxi said, if there is such a loose, some second-hand housing transactions may be too large for some age will play a certain role will enhance the lubrication, this part of the house trading enthusiasm

Shanghai will relax the old housing loan policy implementation, the stock market will further activate the volume of residential transactions, is of great significance. Shanghai will further the sale of some of the old side to help more people need to have a house house.

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