The business of small business must not be missed

does not have strong capital, also do not have what experience, this time a small business should be the most suitable, some people will start from the simple point of the small businesses in the business, but the small business also belongs to its business, please see below for you to collect the business of the.

500 yuan business now 500 yuan can do? $500 can also set up shop? It is incredible, Liang Bo is relying on the $500 started to do the emerald business, to achieve the current month to earn $190 thousand legendary entrepreneurial experience!

started from 500 yuan, up to now about $190 thousand per month sales revenue, Liang Bo’s Emerald business bigger and bigger, he started from the first day of online shop, they set the business bigger and stronger goal. Now, Liang Bo has not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the domestic one.

By the end of

2002, Liang Bo will plunge into the network, began to shop online. Liang Bo to use the work to save 500 yuan, began to Kunming jade market Amoy goods. At that time, in 3 to 5 a few yuan small goods, because there is no camera, Liang Bo went back to the original company, secretly looking for friends down with the scanner, save to disk, no computer Liang Bo then went to Internet cafes, can be found using the floppy disk machine, completed the first entrepreneurship preparation. Before long, Liang Bo the first piece of jade to find a buyer, the other party through a dollar auction to 200 yuan turnover, the first beam of profit will have a profit of $more than and 100. After six months of business, the money to buy a 1800 yuan digital camera, and after a period of three months, that is, in 2003 April, the money to buy their own computer.

2003 in July, Liang Bo graduated from school, began to focus more on the online shop. By September, Liang Bo’s store sales have reached 300 thousand. This time it happens to be the butt of the eBay platform and EBAY platform, Liang Bo recalled that the first transaction is a Canadian, bought a jade, more than 4000 yuan. Liang Bo in the transaction, know each other is a Chinese foreigner, immediately let the other money by Western union. International trade is slowly developing, and now Liang Bo and the United States, Canada, a number of fixed buyers to do business.

Liang Bo said that other people think that international trade resistance is large, mainly in the means of payment is not smooth. But he believes that payment is not a serious problem, bank transfer or remittance at present payment can solve the problem, not only is often convenient to run the bank.


according to the experience of the beam, the general transfer from the United States, Agricultural Bank of China and bank accounts can handle this business. Time on ABC’s faster, probably second days money can be recommended

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