Xinyu set up the first Youth nnovation Business ncubator

as a business incubator, this model was introduced to China, a variety of business incubators have been established, the public space around the establishment of technology and experience is also more and more mature. Xinyu in the recently established the first youth incubator to help young entrepreneurs.

in response to "peoples entrepreneurship   mass innovation" appeal, recently, the city’s first innovation incubator by the Xinyu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League led to build the fulcrum of innovation and entrepreneurship incubators officially launched.

incubator located in building the new library of Xinyu City, 6 floor, covers an area of space in the office area, including the development of project incubator, multimedia roadshow area, training and leisure area, and provide free use of wireless network and printer for entrepreneurs. There are more than 20 entrepreneurial individuals and teams clearly settled, entrepreneurial projects including network technology, education consulting, e-commerce platform, culture media, industry intelligence, intelligent Home Furnishing, in science and technology, business and service in one, led a large number of entrepreneurs and students together.

the Business Incubator + coffee multi-creation space + Innovation Factory + angel investment model. For entrepreneurs to provide an open working environment and entrepreneurship training, to accelerate its development, but also to provide investors with a communication and gathering place. The incubator through perfect service system, the integration of service resources, to help business enterprises to enjoy the national and local government preferential policies, hired well-known instructors and entrepreneurs to provide business education training for the enterprise, realizes the enterprise hatching success. In order to further support the students to carry out entrepreneurial activities, incubator variable passive acceptance of students employment guidance for the church student self employment, actively carry out entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to promote employment, as more and more enterprises and job seekers services, social returns.

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