What is the support of the soup before the pie

as a traditional Chinese snack pie, presumably with everyone has a very complex feelings. Today Xiaobian to recommend this pie severe, with the small series I look at what is going on.

soup pie, selection of fabrics, Handmade, delicious stuffing, enjoy the taste buds, ages of snacks, hot strikes. As entrepreneurs, want to invest in small, then pie pie investment projects can not be missed. We can not miss the soup before chowhound pie. As a pie, this not only delicious authentic snacks, and green nutrition, the mass consumption concept of the pursuit, so it is the best choice to get rich. A pie shop, do small business, choose the soup before the pie to join the project, a clear investment direction, simple business. So what do I support?

soup pie before joining what support

join support as follows:

1. store location support: investment companies to send experts to accompany the investigation, select the best shop address, to ensure that the consumer groups to maximize.

2. core technology support: powder fresh products using the exclusive secret formula, production and processing technology, processes and production methods.

3. market planning support: agency headquarters at any time according to the customer’s local market analysis, to provide customers with multi – directional upgrade.

4. shop service support: accurate, timely delivery of materials, equipment, etc., to ensure the smooth opening of the store.

5. technology R & D support: join the company to provide new product development and technical support for free.

6. advertising support: fresh powder to make full use of the company’s resources, advertising media publicity for customers.

7. training support: the headquarters of the franchisee comprehensive and systematic training, including: food production and process, cost control, store management, staff training, equipment maintenance, promotion, etc..

8. brand support: all the stores are unified by the headquarters issued a registered trademark authorization, to provide a unified logo and store image, with a strong market operation, gradually shaping the integration of brand image, the brand market effect with all franchisees sharing.

9. supervision and support: all operations of the franchise to give guidance and assessment, supervision of all the stores to strictly enforce the unified norms of the market operation, maintaining the healthy development of the market.

10. product support: headquarters has a number of senior cooking >

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