2012 let you shine a small entrepreneurial projects market

want to invest in entrepreneurship, seize the most important business opportunities, which are suitable for their own small business projects, we look at the following!


glass shop

color glazed glass also called a variety of colors, thin glass clip, irregular blend together, blooming is quite natural. Color glass is very suitable for fashion aesthetic vision, the rise in the interior decoration market.



in the modern city, leisure teahouse throughout the high streets and back lanes is the best choice for young people, aggregation, rest and entertainment. At present, matsuni, oz forest, forest of flowers, befortime and many other brands, operating conditions are good, have a higher popularity. Matsuni to foam Black Tea Fang for example, business Black Tea, pearl milk tea, bubble and meals, in 1995 opened the first store in Shanghai, now has more than and 80 stores in the country.


] Gallery

] tea shop

] tea shop


] curved toothbrushThe common toothbrush


] China personality shop

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