College students self star to share the entrepreneurial

college students wear all kinds of lack of experience, then, you want to start the business of college students can look at the story of other entrepreneurs Amway, the following have to share a look at it!

"primitive conditions and bad environment, the first time in the early morning tapping, due to a lack of experience, coupled with too many mosquitoes can hardly work." Has won several awards and patent creation and innovation of college students of the 2015 national college students self star Wang Yu Mo says.

is more pay

"started with a fresh sense of innovation, sense of curiosity, really into the industry, was found to achieve the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship needs enough perseverance and dedication." Wang Yumo said that his freshman students work was deeply attracted, then began to have their own entrepreneurial dream. At first, he was full of confidence, but when the venue, funding, personnel and other issues in front of it, it is understood that innovation and entrepreneurship is not just a slogan, more is the need to pay.

There are a number of players

is not easy


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