5 financing ideas have twice to change how the Qashqai people enjoy investment

Abstract: forshare Qashqai from Yammer model was established at the beginning of the forshare ", to the location of customer relationship management CRM Salesforce fun to enjoy off off, to today’s mobile office platform" forshare Qashqai "…… 5 years, forshare Qashqai has two adjustments product ideas.


since its inception in 2011, yesterday forshare Qashqai has completed a E round of financing a total of five times, the lead investor of CITIC Industrial Fund, after investors Hillhouse capital, DCM, and IDG are involved in the northern lights capital with the cast, but with the previous four round of financing is different this time, and did not disclose the specific amount of financing.

forshare Qashqai CEO Luo Xu three words the words take over with "lots of money", more is the product level upgrades and strategic adjustment, said the next step will be to enjoy the numerous mobile Qashqai sales management tools from the previous upgrade to a one-stop mobile office platform, free version of office. In addition, there is a detail changes, the original "fun to enjoy off off the brand name has been changed to" enjoy the qashqai".

but forshare Qashqai from Yammer model was established at the beginning of the forshare, positioning for customer relationship management of CRM class Salesforce fun to enjoy off off, to today’s mobile office platform "forshare Qashqai"…… 5 years, forshare Qashqai has been two times to adjust the product ideas.

"micro-blog" Yammer is fun to enjoy off off at the beginning of the establishment of target imitation, then enjoy the Qashqai positioning in the sales team management and customer management, similar to WeChat and micro-blog product configuration, instant messaging, sharing, log, approval, instruction, schedules and other collaborative applications, and took the name card, customer service record and analyze sales data, interactive CRM applications, in a nutshell is in sales management as the core.

but in the second half of 2013, the transformation began to enjoy the Qashqai Salesforce learning, focus on the development of sales service office collaboration software, then Salesforce market value has reached $36 billion.

from the enterprise internal communication platform to sales management tools, and then to today’s mobile office platform. Luo Xu admitted that every adjustment is a negation of negation, but the market is also the result of the choice of lean entrepreneurship. With the maturity of the environment, the return and upgrading of mobile office, will likely become the enterprise market entry.

Luo Xu said, now forshare Qashqai platform enterprise registered users has reached about 300000, is 6 times last year, corporate renewal rate of more than 70%, more than 2000 full-time employees, the ditch companies employs more than 4000 people.

as a product of enterprise itself, strategic change might be in order to cope with the market changes and demands, but for investors, are unable to agree on which is right.

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