Method for drainage using 17173 entertainment live broadcast

use the major platform for drainage method, the front group Weiwei has shared a good variety, such as the use of Tencent are fast way to attract the precise traffic, I hope you understand and can be put into action today, Weiwei group to share, with 17173 entertainment live drainage method, here is the actual operation method.

first direct Baidu search 17173 entertainment live, open the live web site, we can randomly point to open a live room, as follows.


open a live room in addition to a live room, the right can also chat, which is our focus, look at the screenshot below, some people have begun to operate drainage.


entered the room, there will be prompt, did not see an advertisement nickname OK, can also add their QQ group, how simple the drainage method, then the effect of this how? We’ll see, this is a single page template download station 2 days of drainage effect, as shown below.


next we go to look at how the flow of the platform, the small compiled data, as shown in figure


can be seen, single entertainment live flow have more than 330 thousand, which does not include, good search and search dogs and 17173 of portal flow, so small a rough estimate, the flow rate should be more than 1 million, so the traffic is very large.

17173 entertainment live drainage features

1, entertainment live mainly for love accurate flow of beauty, so that CPA can operate the video player products, if you are doing the picture (you know) website or video website such words as well.

2, QQ login account, and then set the nickname you want to be able to interact with the ad, without any restrictions, no other requirements.

editor: flow far is not enough, the key is to know how to get the maximum flow effect, as to how this transformation, everyone according to their own products and formulate relevant solutions, and we don’t think this traffic is useless, when you are in doubt, others have put the money into his pocket in the.

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