Affected by the purchase of Ali group affected by the buyer Unfamiliar Street shares rose 34%

April 7th news, yesterday evening, street street CEO Tang Yan submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changes in shareholders’ equity filing documents show that Ali joined the group of buyers unfamiliar street privatization transaction.

documents show that in April 5, 2016, Alibaba and Rich Moon have implemented a subsidiary agreement of the consortium agreement. According to the Alibaba and subsidiary agreement, Yunfeng fund will become a member of unfamiliar street privatization transactions the buyer group, and the original buyer group will constitute a new buyer group.

earlier in June 23, 2015, Tang Yan, Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital, Ruian Huatai (privatization consortium initially) to unfamiliar street Board plans to open the privatization offer, $18.9 per American Depositary Shares of unfamiliar street privatization.

affected by this news, unfamiliar street Wednesday shares rose sharply, as of the close, Unfamiliar Street shares rose 33.64%, the share price reached $16.09 per share.

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