Competition is cruel 2014 Taobao customers entrepreneurs will die

today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people will die tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow."

yes, this is Ma Yun’s words, if applied in the Taobao people, "today" represents the past 2013, 2013 because of the influx of Taobao customers, leading to fierce competition, so it is really very cruel; "tomorrow" represents the unknown in 2014, because of the end of 2013 to the Taobao Taobao alliance sound off vigorously "run amuck" and union rules, 2014 will be Taobao off the most difficult year, it will be more cruel; "acquired" represents and 2015, and I would say, after 2015 and Taobao will be good, but there are a lot of people will die in 2014.

, a Jingdong, the Tencent for open spoiler

Liu Qiangdong has also announced the general strategic direction of the Jingdong in 2014, vigorously into the three or four line of the city’s advertising, more open.

Jingdong in the main first-tier cities sales and reputation is far more than Tmall, but in some second tier city and the three or four line of the city and countryside, the Jingdong’s visibility is far less than Tmall, Tmall will further poor sales. Jingdong in order to build the domestic famous brand, will spare no effort to hit advertising in a small city and rural areas, as a result, the Jingdong will seize off part of Taobao’s customers and flow (online shopping people know Taobao), after finishing up advertising in the Jingdong, will open up with.

Jingdong to increase efforts to open, is not only a large number of businesses receive so simple, in the business and product category growth, Jingdong’s advertising will hit more ferocious, Jingdong can not only rely on the Baidu bid, such forms of advertising advertising alliance. By then, Jingdong will attach importance to his sales alliance, such as: to promote the promotion of a single product, to guide businesses to use the sales alliance, through incentives and other ways to allow owners to enter the Jingdong alliance. As a result, the station will bring more consumers to enter the Jingdong, which is bound to cause losses to Taobao.

easy fast after the acquisition of Tencent, QQ terminal every day will pop up a couple of times fast and easy advertising, but fast and easy to do is still tepid, the Jingdong,, easy fast three B2C mall, seemingly no shortage of traffic fast and easy but ranked first, the flow is probably the 1/3 is 1/7, the Jingdong (love station network check about traffic). Jingdong nearly half of the traffic from Baidu, fast and easy only 1/10 of traffic from Baidu, Jingdong’s visibility is far more than easy and fast. In support of the Tencent, easy fast still do it badly, the Tencent will not be impatient, turn to the more well-known, more profitable Jingdong? Rumors are likely to come true, Tencent lack of innovation, but the ability to make money is the first row, blind imitation, plagiarism, is their main means of acquisition make money. Jingdong will accept the investment of Tencent?. Jingdong in the layout of the mobile terminal is not as good as Taobao, poor Tencent farther, Jingdong in order to have a stronger resistance

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