Domain name two or three delicacy 6 categories swept every state of sentient beings

today, people’s living standard has been improved, the problem of food and clothing has been basically solved at present, people’s pursuit of goal has become to eat healthy, eat well, therefore, the domestic Internet market to catch up with the fashion, many food websites emerged, online meal ordering platform, enjoy the delicacy food community and so on, these websites have a look what domain name


Food Network Public Choice – Pinyin domain name

most in the domestic phonetic domain applications, including video, music, social networking, IT industry and so on, everywhere phonetic domain figure, of course, the delicacy class website, also not pinyin "image". As today’s news, good web enabled Larry domain, meal net, delicacy snacks fancy community control Pinyin meters, purchased from minon hand three spell domain name, is the original retail sales platform net transition sago ordering platform, launched the "great delicacy Chi" platform, independent enabled three spell domain name eat, music network using 3P domain and so on. The application of Pinyin rice market.

digital domain food network also has applications

domain name on the field, with the digital domain name and Pinyin domain name for the two major trading objects, in the food class website, digital domain name application also has. For example, Shanghai online meal ordering platform Secretary, the use of CN digital domain, also has acquired "little secretary" three spell domain name Personal webmaster overseas purchased the three digital domain name, build this delicacy search site is still under construction, "517" homonym for " I want to eat, I want to go to the car, I want to, my wife " and so on, the domain name registration in March 1998.

abbreviation domain debut gourmet site

food network Pinyin domain name application, the application of its initials alphabet domain name also has, but compared to the two, the case of the application of Pinyin domain name is far more than the phonetic abbreviation letter domain name. Comparison of the famous domestic food website – Chinese food network, its official website domain name using CN domain name, zhms is the Chinese food initials.

food network domain name internationalization – English meter

Internet International Association is strong, and English is the international language, delicacy websites also have many English domain name applications, such as grain grain Chinese grain, grain of Italy, and news is a newspaper, news. China Meat Association, Chinese word China and meat meat combination, domain name simple and intuitive.

creative domain name ubiquitous


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