Those who have been sought after 90 entrepreneurs goddess of God okay

can be said that two years after 90 set off some waves in Internet circles, although not completely subvert the traditional, but every time can be called "amazing pen", about 90 business this year is very different. But their fate is not the same.

1.22 year old Harvard student Hugh "cloud as the chain is peeling


22 years old, as the founder of the chain of cloud & CEO, gold card. The legend is a Forbes China 30 list of 30 entrepreneurs under the age the youngest, 4 School of Harvard University home business.


does is a product called "cloud depending on the chain", according to the official introduction, it is the greatest value of the one-way video content output into a two-way interactive form.

looks so cool, I also study the function in the end is how a principle. Take a look at the clouds are being held in the end what is the chain of high-tech.

after the trial, the original so-called cloud as the chain is with text labels in the video area, can be understood as the labels of the barrage, can be in any position within a limited area add video.

questioned one: Technology pseudo innovation

according to know almost friends broke the news, this technology has been very early before someone is doing, technically not new.

case link: From=timeline& isappinstalled=0

questioned two: Promo theft

and in the cloud as the chain of promotional content, there are many other companies to do the case. Http://

questioned three: executives suspected counterfeit

2 flash in the pan face MOE


face Meng, a cartoon head of the mobile APP. With DIY cartoon picture, how many boys and girls are young artists like this, at that time, no doubt is the most eye-catching adorable face, since the capital market of tens of millions of Chinese currency directly to pound the adorable face, let the full 90 entrepreneurial team overnight was pushed in the teeth of the storm.

, look up, praise envy, jealousy, all the lights are concentrated in this group of young people, when people want to continue to look down, but found adorable face quietly disappeared in people’s vision.

comments: such as the meteor disappeared in the face of the general Meng, it broke out of the accident, it can not be denied in the early stage of the market blank, the appearance of the face of the people make the brain hole wide open, but there are limitations.

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