Yunfeng fund juzidouxiang private express peak near the horse Yunmou listed

express industry will never lack the attention of the capital, this time, the rapid development of the full peak Express Group (referred to as the full peak express) and big brother Ma linked together.

In May 19th

, a company with ALI billion capital stake in peak express news spread in the market, the message also said the investment is a financial investment, and not involved in the day-to-day management.

then, twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter from approaching the investment insiders confirmed that the shares of peak express is Ma’s Yunfeng fund, and Alibaba (scroll information) group does not have any relationship.

according to Yun Feng fund website, Yunfeng fund was established in April 2010, is Chinese only by successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and industry leaders jointly initiated the establishment of private equity funds, and the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma and target media founder Yu Feng’s name and. All the founders fund for the dollar and Renminbi assets include Ma Yun, Yu Feng, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Wang Jianguo, Wang Yusuo, Liu Yonghao, Xu Hang, Zhou Xin, Jiang, Chen Yihong and so on fifteen six natural persons.


had been many family traditions into shares, at the same time with the United States, Tencent and other big brother sex scandal, peak Express has become one of the greatest capital concern in nearly two years of private courier companies.

Ma Yun help full peak listed

from the peak in May 19th, insiders pointed out that the following leadingoptics capital, Peng Kang investment, gold investments, Greenwoods after institutions such as capital injections, peak Express has recently completed a new round of financing, the scale of up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

twenty-first Century economic news reporter on this rumor call full peak Express board secretary Dai Changzheng, but he did not give a clear reply on the matter. "There is no clear information on the board of directors, but there should be an official reply on Tuesday or Wednesday."

and the twenty-first Century economic news reporter finally learned from sources close to the investment was informed that the investor is actually the previous Ma Yun and other investors to create a cloud fund.

further revealed that the source: the investment is also optimistic about the full peak courier industry." But for the specific amount of investment, etc. are tight lipped.

however, near Ma for JH peak express chairman Chen, is an important step to promote the listing of all peak express.

at present, China’s express industry has not a listed company, the industry seems to be the most likely to become the first private SF EXPRESS shares. However, this does not prevent the full peak express listing plan. Get Peng Kang investment, leadingoptics capital, Phoenix capital 200 million yuan financial investment as early as 2013, full peak express group president Chen Jiahai pointed out to the outside world, after the introduction of several PE company after the peak controlling remain unchanged, PE company is not involved in management, but in terms of standard financial guidance will be carried out. Because the company also has a future.

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