The report said 90 per month online shopping more than 24 billion money to Taobao

news July 25th, the day before, the global Internet information service provider comScore released "Chinese 90 network behavior survey report", the report shows that China’s 90 favorite online shopping in Taobao, and the most love to buy the category is for men and women, skin care products and mobile phone.

90 shopping site preference

as shown above, after 90 more love visiting Taobao than any other age group consumers love in shopping accounted for all the 57.2% 90 online shopping; in addition, Tmall shopping most often go to 90 30.7%, slightly lower than the proportion of Tmall users of all ages of consumers.

90 shopping preferences on Tmall and Taobao

billion state power network to understand, as above, after 90 love to buy mobile phone in Taobao, followed by daily necessities, toys, furniture, jewelry, skin care products and other goods; at the same time, the choice to spend more money to buy underwear, clothing, etc. in the Tmall Home Furnishing standard.

interesting is that the observation data can be found, after 90 boys than girls are more willing to buy clothes and shoes on Tmall.

is reported that 90 percent of China’s population of about 140 million, accounting for 11.7% of the country’s total population, of which 90 percent of those who purchase online for men, 58% for women, accounting for a total of of the country’s online shopping users. The report shows that 90 percent of the monthly online shopping consumer spending 24 billion yuan, most of which flows to Taobao.

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